Energy FBI

Energy monitoring & management service

Energy monitoring & management service

Energy FBI is a simple to implement and low cost energy management service.

We use real-time remote monitoring, utility fiscal billing data and powerful analysis techniques to save you money on energy with minimal effort.

What's included with Energy FBI?

Energy monitoring Real-time measurements using Redcotec installed equipment
Quarterly ReportSingle summary of current & expected energy comsumption
AlertsFind when and where energy is being wasted
Smart solutionsSuggestions on low or zero cost ways to reduce expenditure
Cash savingsBy waste reduction & innovative equipment upgrade proposals
FinancialShort project payback times & access to funding schemes

How much can I save?

Research performed by the Carbon Trust shows that offices categorised as 'good practice' are around 36 - 48% more efficient than 'typical' examples. Similar effects are also seen in other sectors. Our 3-point plan delivers maximum savings with minimal effort.

How much can I save?

We find savings in the 10 - 15% range are typical dependent upon building type, age of existing energy systems and the level of client engagement.

Getting started

Getting started
  • Simple installation
  • Expert data analysis
  • No long term contract or minimum term
  • You retain complete control
  • Maximum savings with minimum effort

More information

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Survey results

  • 76% of companies are more concerned about energy than 6 months ago
  • 35% don't currently have a plan in place to manage energy price rises
  • 3 key barriers to energy saving:
    • insufficient time / resources
    • difficulty in quantifying savings
    • other business takes priority

* Survey of 500 companies employing 50–500 staff. October 2011.

How much is too much?

Expected annual energy costs for a typical office:

Size Electricity Gas
£108,500 £28,500
£15,300 £9,100
£3,900 £3,600

* based on 4p/kWh gas and 12p/kWh electricity.

Savings by Sector

Offices 36 - 48%
Leisure facilities 37 - 56%
Hotels 33 - 42%
Retailing 8 - 30%

Redcotec Top Tips

  • Energy savings of 10% or more are frequently achievable
  • A significant proportion of savings can often be made at zero or very low cost
  • Longer term 'holistic' approaches work best
  • An internal 'energy champion' transforms the chances of success

Training courses

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