G59 Protection Relay

G59 Protection Relay

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Redcotec produce a range of G59 Loss of Mains Protection Relays for wind and solar generators in the 10kW – 250kW bracket. We have developed a simple, proven design to achieve high reliability yet maintain a competitive price. All products use the highest quality components, are factory tested after manufacture and have a full performance guarantee.

A G59 Loss of Mains Protection Relay is required to safely disconnect generators from the grid in the event of main failure. It is mandatory for all systems producing more than 16 Amps per phase (11kW for a 3-phase system).

Redcotec G59 products incorporate both an autoclose relay and manual reset button to minimise the duration of any breaks in electricity production. They are also equipped with a clear LCD screen and last trip indicator so that current status can be easily determined. The external casing is a robust design manufactured from thick steel plate and can be produced as a fully weatherproof enclosure if required.

Please contact us with further details on your proposed generator size and type if you could like us to produce a quote for the most suitable G59 box.

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