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Wind turbine installations

The United Kingdom has the best wind resource in the whole of Europe. In April 2010 the government introduced new 'feed-in-tariffs' (FITs) for renewable electricity generation. This has dramatically improved the economic profile for wind projects.

Redcotec primarily deals with single wind turbine installations in the 20kW to 1MW range. Projects at this scale score highly in terms of energy output and FIT support but also create fewer environmental issues than a large scale wind farm. This can result in excellent financial returns whilst minimising project risk and upfront costs.

Redcotec typically gets involved at the very beginning of a project. We send an engineer to view the site, discuss the project with you in more detail and then prepare the information you will need as a Wind Feasibility Study.

Redcotec approach


The Redcotec engineers are highly experienced in performing this type of work. This enables us to provide our knowledgeable and friendly service at very reasonable prices.

We hold the technical details for the majority of wind turbines on the market. Our independent status means you can be sure that our Wind Feasibility Study will recommend the most appropriate machine based on your budget and site properties. We are not influenced by any need to sell specific turbine brands.

Our clients highly value the level of service that we provide and many ask us to manage further work as the project progresses. Redcotec can act as your 'Client's Engineer' to ensure that all stages from planning to installation proceed smoothly with maximum speed and minimum risk.

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Key project factors

  • Site selection
  • Estimated wind resource
  • Project costs
  • Financial returns
  • Grid connection
  • Environmental constraints

Major opportunity for

  • Land Owners
  • Farmers
  • Estate Managers
  • Rural Business Consultants
  • Land Management Consultants

Potential next steps

  • Wind monitoring
  • Environmental studies
  • Grid connection application
  • Planning application
  • Turbine supply
  • Project management

Our Wind Feasibility Study is a cost and time efficient way to look at all of these potential next steps.

Training courses

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